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Washington Access Fund
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John Moffitt Assistive Technology Grants DSB Logo
Department of Services for the Blind

Application Deadline: May 31, 2012

Are you a high school senior and graduating in June 2012? 
Do you need adaptive technologies...?
  • To meet post high school goals
  • For college
  • For work
  • To live independently
If so, you need to know about the Department of Services for the Blind’s John Moffitt Assistive Technology Grants.  These grants are designed to promote economic independence and civic responsibility by helping YOU pay for the technologies you need to succeed at school, at work, or in your home and community.

Grant Amounts: Individual grants will be awarded in amounts up to $9,700.00 (depending upon your specific needs and the number of qualified applicants).

Grant Eligibility:
  • US Citizen and Washington state resident
  • High-School Graduate - Class of 2012
  • Eligible to participate in DSB Vocational Rehabilitation Services (VR)
VR Eligibility Requirements:
  • Vision loss creates a barrier to employment
  • You need DSB Vocational Rehabilitation services for vocational counseling and guidance, and/or
  • You need the technology for post-high school education, training to prepare for employment or to meet other post high school goals
Application Process:
  1. Verify that you are a VR client with DSB. If you do not have an open VR case, call DSB Toll free 1-800-552-7103 to apply for Vocational Rehabilitation Services.
  2. Work with your DSB Transition Specialist or VR Counselor to schedule an Assistive Technology Assessment. A DSB Assistive Technology Specialist will work with you to evaluate different technology options and to decide which options are the best fit for your needs. S/he also can help you develop a cost breakdown for each of your choices and help you identify other possible sources of funding.
  3. Write an Essay About your Technology Choices and the process you went through to select that technology.
  4. Obtain two letters of recommendation to include with your application packet.
  5. Submit your application packet no later than May 31, 2012.
All applications will be reviewed by a committee that includes representatives from the Washington Access Fund and the Department of Services for the Blind (DSB). Finalists may be asked to participate in a personal interview (in person or by phone). Recipients of awards will be notified by the Washington Access Fund.

Download the Application:
Essay Guidelines
Essays must be typed, double-spaced and no more than three pages, and include the following information:
  1. Biographical information, including cause of blindness, current use of adaptive skills and assistive technology
  2. Brief description of post-high school plans for employment or education.
  3. Description of technology you wish to purchase and how this technology will help you achieve post-graduation educational, work, and/or independent living.
  4. Brief description of how and why you chose this particular technology (as opposed to other available technologies).
  5. Statement regarding readiness to use technology and/or additional training you will need to use it effectively. Where and how do you plan to obtain such training?
  6. Itemization of technology, including all adaptive and peripheral devices, to be purchased with grant. (This can be provided as an attachment and will not count as part of the 3 pages.)
  7. Reasonable estimate of the total cost of the technology. (This can be provided as an attachment and will not count as part of the 3 pages.). Don’t forget sales tax, shipping and warranties!
  8. Statement identifying other sources of funding for the technology if the cost exceeds the amount of your award.
Letters of Recommendation
Two letters of recommendation are required. One letter must be from a teacher, school counselor, or Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor. Letters from family members will not be considered.

Other Funding Resources
: For help identifying other funding resources for your technology visit the: