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Washington Access Fund
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Getting Help for Seniors with Low Vision

*This list is provided for informational purposes only. Washington Access Fund does not endorse any particular assistive technology device, vendor or manufacturer.  Please send updates, suggestions or information about other sports-related equipment or adaptations or websites to 


American Foundation for the Blind Senior Site: Offers an excellent overview of the causes of vision loss in seniors, resources and tips for living with vision loss and information about a wide range of assistive technologies. A wonderful place to start!

Washington Department of Services for the Blind Older Blind Program: The Older Blind Independent Living Program exists to help older adults cope with vision loss. DSB’s trained contractors provide counseling on living with vision loss and referrals to community resources. They also can provide adaptive skills training and recommend adaptive devices for use at home or in the community. These services are provided free of charge. To apply for support in your comunity, contact DSB at (800) 552-7103.

Veterans Administration: If you are a Vet, the VA can be an excellent resource. Depending upon your circumstances, you may qualify for vision rehabilitation services including adaptive technologies. To inquire about eligibility and benefits, call 202-461-7317 or contact the Vision Impairment Services Team Coordinator at your closest VA Medical Facility.

Washington Talking Book & Braille Library: is a wonderful free resource. It offers easy access to books and other reading materials in print, Braille and audio formats (as well as a free Digital Talking Book Machine). It also offers local news and programming via the Evergreen Radio Reading Service plus a Computer Lab at its Seattle office. For an application to this “must have” service, check their website or call 800-542-0866.